Monday, December 15, 2008

Simplify Your Life

Life is complicated enough, especially if you are a parent or grandparent. Beyond the normal workday, there’s shopping to be done, kids’ soccer practices or swimming matches to attend, morning Bible studies and mid-week church services, choir practices, family gatherings, and the list goes on.

Not much spare time for relaxation – even with all the electronic innovations that promise to ‘simplify’ our lives. So, once in a while, it’s nice to take a night off and go see the latest movie. If you’re a homebody, you may prefer watching a hotly promoted “family hour” sitcom on TV, or pop in a new DVD you rented or purchased. If there are children around, you may even be coaxed into playing some new-fangled video game.

But, what do you know about the content of that movie, DVD, TV sitcom or video game before you commit yourself and your family to watch it. I know; who has time to pre-screen every movie, television program or video game before subjecting your family to the experience? (more)

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