Wednesday, September 16, 2009


By Gage Henry of Paste Magazine

August 21, 2009

If the past two Transformers movies taught us anything, it's that you can take a bunch of plastic toys and make them into something fit (sort of, anyway) for the silver screen. Now, the future holds movies not only based on shape-shifting figurines, but also toys you can build stuff with.

With G.I. Joe out of the way, the next trinket-to-film transition is targeting the creative spectrum of child's play, the toys that inspired our engineers-to-be: Legos.

Yep, Warner Brothers is making a Lego movie that will be somewhere between live action and CGI-built. They might even use anything but actual Legos to make it. Either way, the film will be geared like a Pixar production, fit to entertain several generations at once.

Dan Lin, producer of the upcoming Sherlock Holmes, helped Warner Brothers acquire rights for the film, and hired Dan and Kevin Hageman to write the script. The movie will be produced by Roy Lee and co-produced by Stephen Gilchrist.

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Family Films are Killing R-rated Movies

Family Films are Killing R-rated Movies

The summer blockbusters are over and the box office results are in — family friendly films are killing R-rated movies in the pocketbook. Only one Rated-R film, The Hangover, made the top 10 box office list. The next highest grossing Rated-R film, The Watchmen, came in at a distant #18 on the list. The money gap comes at a time when Hollywood is undergoing historic changes which may alter the movies we see in the future. The top 10 movie profits of 2009 so far;